We proudly support the Open Knowledge Network, which connects those in the open knowledge movement, enabling people to take action to achieve local impact and collaborate with like-minded communities worldwide. We are now an international network with groups in more than 40 countries and counting!

We use advocacy, technology and training to unlock information, to create and share knowledge. We also lead in-depth debates with our global network so that we collectively build a social infrastructure that integrates openness as a design principle in our democracies.

If you are interested in contacting a group or individual in your country, check out our list of experts. Our groups can always benefit from more friendly faces and fresh ideas — they will be happy to hear from you!

Please contact us if you, as an individual or organisation, would like to join our global network. Everyone is welcome; anyone can join the network. No special skills or background are needed — just an interest in open knowledge.

The members operate independently, setting their own priorities for projects relevant to their country or domain, but support each other, share expertise, tools and materials on a regular basis through the Network, amplifying open knowledge activities around the globe.

If you want to know more about the Network activities, and browse through the most important projects from the Open Knowledge Network, have a look at the Project Repository here.

In addition, the Network identifies specialists of the open movement to be part of the Open Knowledge Global Directory: a curated and searchable database of people with different expertise areas and language spoken. Go to the Global Directory and remember you can request a specialist today!