Core team

Dries Van Ransbeeck

Dries is full-time project coordinator at Open Knowledge Belgium. He is the driving force behind Open Belgium and is in charge of open Summer of code. His mission is bringing Open Knowledge and Open Data to a level playing field, where people with all sort of backgrounds, technical and non-technical can use, reuse and create knowledge in a sustainable way.




Pieter Colpaert

Pieter Colpaert believes a lot of frustration today is caused by data not being accessible (when does my train leave, how long do I have to queue, where does my money go, and so on). His goal is to increase your life quality by contextualizing data into information without you even noticing it. Apart from being a co-founder of Open Knowledge Belgium, he coordinates the Open Knowledge Open Transport Working Group and pursues a PhD on Linked Open Data at the University of Ghent. Pieter represents Open Knowledge Belgium on the Advisory Council.


More information

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