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Russia joined the Open Knowledge network in October 2013.

Core Team

Ivan is the co­founder of NGO “Infromational culture”, project and lots of other Russian e­ Government and open data initiatives. He is also a member of Russian government Open Data council, Expert council of Russian Government, Civil council of Russian Federal Treasury. Previously, he was a programmer, system architect and project manager as employee of few russian system integration companies for lot’s of corporate and government projects. He has more than 6 years experience in Russian procurement automation and e­Government projects.

Irina is a co­founder of Russian collective open educational resource dedicated to Data Journalism ( She also promotes a project on Open Science and Open Education, Open Science Labs ( Irina holds PhD in System Analysis (Baltic State Technical University). She currently works as Associate Professor on some projects in the area of Open Data, Open Education and Open Science at Saint­Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University).

Anastasia joined OKFN Russia to contibute with posts and interviews on data journalism. She will also coordinate special projects, workshops and events. Anastasia is currently based in Europe where she is getting her Master in Political Science from a joint program of the University of Siegen (Germany) and the University of Uppsala (Sweden). With years of experience as a TV producer for federal television channels in Russia, she has developed strong skills of coordination, working under tight schedule and investigative reporting. She holds a degree in International Journalism from the Moscow State University where she also fulfilled a one­year program in Journalism Web and Multimedia from a partnership of MSU and CFPJ (France). Anastasia is particularly interested in cross­border journalism, citizen engagement and data­driven storytelling.

Maxim is geodata/geospatial technology specialist and a active proponent of open data & open source movement in Russia. Acknowledging the need for quality and accessible data, software and instruction in geospatial field as early as in 2001 he has created what is now the biggest community of GIS/RS specialists ­ GIS­ Maxim started with environmetal NGOs in early 2000 where open data was the way to go to in dealing with various stakeholders, he transitioned to science work with academia and got his PhD from University Wisconsin­Madison. Maxim continued by founding a now leading commercial provider of open source geospatial technology in Russia ­ NextGIS Ltd. He is now a charter member of OSGeo and active OpenStreetMap participant.

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